US WorldMeds is committed to helping you get through opioid withdrawal

That’s why we’ve created the LUminate® Support Program—to offer prescription savings, tools, and resources designed to support you as you begin your treatment with LUCEMYRA.


LUCEMYRA Prescription Savings Program

Eligible patients will pay



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The Prescription Savings Program helps make it easier for eligible patients to get a LUCEMYRA prescription if they have commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is coverage that is provided through your employer or purchased individually. Use the link below to print out your program savings card, or bookmark it on your smartphone. Provide your pharmacy with the number on the card and you will get your LUCEMYRA prescription discount.

The majority of pharmacies—including large chains and small independent pharmacies—participate in this program

*Patients whose prescriptions will be paid for in part or in whole by Medicare, Medicaid, or any similar federal or state healthcare program, are not eligible for savings or rebates according to federal and state law. Patients must visit a participating pharmacy for savings or rebates on their LUCEMYRA prescriptions. Maximum benefits may apply. Other restrictions may apply. For more information, please see Terms and Conditions at

LUCEMYRA Cash Pay Program

US WorldMeds is also committed to making LUCEMYRA available to patients who are not using insurance. These patients have the option of paying cash for their LUCEMYRA prescription through our program with Walgreens.
† Terms, conditions and limitations apply. Additional details, including Eligibility and Terms and Conditions, are available at Walgreens pharmacies. Offer is subject to change at any time.


US WorldMeds Patient Assistance Program

US WorldMeds recognizes that some people may not have health insurance and may not be able to pay for LUCEMYRA on their own. As we want every patient who needs LUCEMYRA to have access to it, we have developed the US WorldMeds Patient Assistance Program (UPAP), which provides LUCEMYRA to those patients who meet certain income requirements at no cost to the patient. Please see below for more detailed information, including how to get a UPAP Application and apply for the program.

Apply for the US WorldMeds Patient Assistance Program (UPAP)

For more information about UPAP, contact us at 877-438-9759 or 218-444-8217.
You may qualify if you do not have healthcare insurance coverage for LUCEMYRA. (This includes both private insurance as well as federal or state-funded programs like Medicaid or Medicare.)
If your Medicare Part D does not allow or pay for any part of your medication, you may be eligible for UPAP. However, being in the “donut hole” does not qualify.
To qualify for UPAP, you must have a total household income at or below 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL). For more information on FPL in your state, please visit the Families USA website.
Download the UPAP Application here. Complete the application and sign where indicated. Instructions on how to submit are on the application.
Typically, we will let you know whether you’ve been approved the same day or 1 business day after we receive your completed UPAP Application. It is important that you correctly complete and sign the form where indicated.
Your LUCEMYRA medication will be mailed directly to your address through Truax Patient Services Pharmacy on the day we approve your application. Expect to receive your medication approximately 3 to 5 business days after it is mailed. If needed sooner, please contact us about expedited shipping.
Your healthcare provider can provide approval for a specific number of LUCEMYRA refills when completing the Requested Medication section on page 2.



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